How Much Sleep Do I Need To Get

How much sleep do I need to get? The baby needs more than the man

How much sleep do I need to get? The baby needs more than the man

I was online doing some research asking the question “how much sleep do I need to get”.  With all the work going into my memory foam mattress web page I was curious.  While surfing for answers I came across the National Sleep Foundation’s web page.  They had a lot of good information pertaining to my question.

I’m in my early forties now, but back when I was in my twenties sleep was something that got in the way of my busy life.  Now, not so much.  I love getting a good night’s sleep.  I also love a good thirty minute to hour long naps on the weekends.

So how much sleep do I need to get?  According to the National Sleep Foundation, a person my age should be getting a recommended seven to nine hours per night.  Yeah, that sounds about right to me. Continue Reading →

Sleeping Positions – The Pros and Cons

Part of getting a good night’s rest lies in the way we sleep.  Everything from your mattress to your pillow to your sheets can affect it, and everything else in between.  Everyone has their favorite sleeping positions, but in fairness we all tend to shift and move throughout the night.  You may say “I like to sleep on my right side”, but your partner would say “No you don’t!”, and that is because we all tend to do what I like to call ‘The Crappie Flop’.  This is similar to a Crappie fish out of water.

The Crappie Flop

When you start out laying on your right side the bed is comfy and the air temperature is just right and you drift off easily into La La Land.  Then gradually you move a little, and then a little more, and the next thing you know you are on your left side.  Then back to your right side!  Then your left again!  Before you know it you’re on your backside snoring so loudly your long passed away ancestors take notice.  That’s the crappie flop. Continue Reading →

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Find the best online mattress deal at the largest online retailer.

I started this web page, Cloud Sleeping, because I wanted people to know what I found out nearly a decade ago.  That the best bed to sleep on is in fact a memory foam mattress, and that the best online mattress deal is right in front of their faces.

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Best Online Mattress Deal

I’ve been buying stuff online from Continue Reading →