About Me

Me with my pet dog and one of my grand-kids.

Me with my pet dog and one of my grand-kids.

For as long as I can remember I have not been overly picky about the beds I sleep in.  That changed several years ago when I first encountered a memory foam bed by one of the more expensive manufacturers at a local mattress retailer.  While I really liked the memory foam bed I sure didn’t like the price tag, which was over $2500 and way above what my pocket book could handle.

I eventually came across a memory foam bed manufacturer that sold online.  I couldn’t believe the price tag, which was around $500.  It was too good to believe, but the online reviews were very positive so I ordered it for my wife and myself.

Taking that chance on an untested bed we never laid in before buying it proved to be well worth it.  That bed turned out to be by far the best bed I ever owned up to that point in time.  I began sleeping better, being more productive at work, having more energy, and the same for my wife.  She had the added benefit of waking up with less aches and pains that she always complained about from our expensive spring mattress; the memory foam bed absorbed her stress and body tensions!

Soon after we replaced the bed at our cabin for a memory foam mattress.  And why not, the price was good!  Why not sleep just as well at our getaway home?

Whenever we traveled and slept in non memory foam beds we always loved coming home and marveled to each other how wonderful our bed felt, and how much we missed it.

Several months ago we moved into a new home and moved our first memory foam bed that was several years old and still going strong, into the guest bedroom.  We bought a new memory foam mattress for the master bedroom – again it is the best bed we have ever owned.

I wanted to create a web page explaining the pros and cons of memory foam mattresses, and provide reviews on the actual beds I have purchased and slept in.

Other review pages out there compile reviews and information on varieties of beds without actually owning those beds and sleeping in them for months and years.  Yet they review and provide consumer information.  No thank you.  You need to at least own and use a bed for several months before being able to give a credible review.

The beds reviewed here I own and have slept in, and still sleep in.

One thing I have found out is that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a major brand name memory foam mattress.  You can spend under $1000 on a mattress and bed frame, and have a fantastic bed with a ten year or more warranty.  In fact you can spend under $400!