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Make Your Pillows Last Longer

How to make your pillows last longer?

How to make your pillows last longer?

Soft or firm?  That may be the question that you may ask yourself when you decide or find that you need a new pillow.  But the real question should be ‘how to make your pillows last longer’?

Some people may become so attached to their pillow they may even name it, because it is the most comfy, cozy item on their bed.  Some people may take it across the country or even out of the country because it is the only thing that helps them sleep.

Whatever your relationship may be with your pillow, there may come a day when you have to say a sad good-bye to “Charlie” the pillow.  It doesn’t matter that Charlie has been in your life since you went away to college.  You’re married now and your spouse is grossed out by the way Charlie attracts flies. Continue reading