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Foods That Disrupt Your Sleep & Keep You Up At Night

Some foods will keep you from getting a good night's sleep.

Some foods will keep you from getting a good night’s sleep.

They are out there.  Foods that disrupt your sleep.  And contrary to current lingo and slang, the meat sweats are not a real thing.  With that said, red meat can disrupt your sleep… but the ‘sweats’ are not part of it.

Everybody wants a good night’s sleep.  It starts with having a good bed, a good pillow, and a comfortable humidity level you are used to.  Sleep, good sleep, helps people deal with stress and improves daily brain function which is important for work and family life.

Where you sleep and what sleep you at night is important, but so is the food you eat. Continue reading

Essential Oils That Help You Sleep

“HMMM…. What’s that smell?” He asks, as he raises his nose to the air and sniffs like a puppy sniffing out his favorite treat.

You reply, “Why? do you like it?”

“Sure”, he replies.  “It reminds me of my Nana’s house”.

Instantly you are sad and offended, “Nana’s house? Really?”, and you storm off.

Don’t be sad, there is a an easy natural solution, one not to many people consider.  It’s easy to go to your local retail store, or even Amazon, and buy air fresheners in an aerosol can.  But many people don’t take into consideration the chemicals that come in those types of products,

I know, I too am guilty and have purchased them myself.  That is until I came down with Asthma, and realized some of the scents or sprays were affecting my condition, causing them to trigger my coughing.  It may not affect everyone in the same way that it had affected me, but it did make me realize that if I wanted a lovely scent in the air that I had to find an alternative.

That’s when I learned about “Essential oils” and the various affects that the have.  Not only can they help make a room smell nice, but they also have natural healing affects.  So today I just want to share a few tips and ideas for you to become familiarized with them. Continue reading

Plants That Help You Sleep

Plants that help you sleep; English Ivy.

Plants that help you sleep; English Ivy.

There are a variety of plants that help you sleep.  Just having them in your room can help ensue better sleep.  Some plants can be used to make drinks, such as teas, that are calming and help you fall into quicker slumber.

Here at Cloud Sleeping we are all about getting a good night’s sleep.  We love our memory foam mattress, but we also know that the surrounding atmosphere in your bedroom can also play a part in getting quality rest.  In this article we will explore a few of those plants and what benefits they provide.

Plants That Help You Sleep

The night is calm the air is slightly cool… the bed is welcoming… the room is the perfect atmosphere to fall asleep… Continue reading