Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

Classic Brands memory foam mattress review, Classic Brands 14 Inch Cool Gel. Proudly made in the U.S.A..

Classic Brands memory foam mattress review, Classic Brands 14 Inch Cool Gel. Proudly made in the U.S.A..

My sister purchased new memory foam mattress a few months ago and I thought I would ask her about it and do a review here on my website, Cloud Sleeping.

Disclaimer:  I do not own this bed about to be reviewed.  All the information in this review is based on a single person whom I interviewed about whom I am related to.

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Classic Brands Memory Foam Mattress Review

As I write this review my sister is going on several months of usage of the bed.

  • Mattress size: 80″ x 76″ x 14″ King (other sizes available in this model as well)
  • Mattress weight: 142 lbs
  • Warranty: 25 years! 10 year full warranty, + 15 more pro-rated (check with manufacturer for specifics)
  • Return Policy: 30 day return policy
  • Break in Period: Manufacturer says to allow for 2 weeks
  • Firmness: Medium Firm to firm
  • Price: Varies from $400 to $500
  • Place to buy:  Amazon

Layers Of Foam

Four separate layouts of memory foam.

Four separate layouts of memory foam.

Some of the new and higher end beds (no middle men beds) are using gel foam as they claim it is cooler and more comfortable.  My sister found this bed to be just right in regards of heat. It is very cozy, but she didn’t notice much difference between this and her previous memory foam bed with was a Zinus.

  • 2 inch ventilated cool gel foam top layer
  • 2 inch memory foam support layout
  • 2 inch memory foam comfort layer
  • 8 inch high-density base foam support layer

Classic Brands Memory Foam Mattress – Personal Use And Thoughts

While all of the memory foam mattress purchases my family has made turned out to be great beds. The Classic Brands 14 Inch Cool Gel my sister purchased is no exception, but she does question if it was worth the price over the Zinus model she previous had.

The main reason to by a gel memory foam mattress is if you are concerned you may be one of the 9% of people who find sleeping on memory foam to be warmer than spring loaded beds.

Classic Brands Cool Gel 14 has an incredible warranty! Ten year FULL WARRANTY and then fifteen years pro-rated.

Classic Brands Cool Gel 14 has an incredible warranty! Ten year FULL WARRANTY and then fifteen years pro-rated.

My sister said she never had much of an issue with being too warm in her Zinus, but didn’t notice much difference in this bed, either.

She did say the offgassing didn’t seem as strong-smelling with this mattress as with her other (six year old purchase on her other mattress).  But that never really bothered her before.  This time around the offgassing was gone in about a day or two.

One negative thing to report in Classic Brands memory foam mattress review is that this bed is really heavy.  At 142 pounds it can be a chore moving it around. Rotating it every couple of months is not an issue, but taking the mattress cover off to wash can be a hassle for one to person to do.  It requires two people to remove and replace the mattress cover. Doing so alone is possible, but takes a very long time and can be a major hassle.

The motion isolation on this bed is being reported as fantastic. Just as good if not better than the Zinus model my sister had previously.  Edge strength on this bed is also beign reported as excellent.

One amazing thing about this bed is the 25 year warranty.  Personally, I can’t image having a bed for that long.  Even if it could last that long… my thought that a primary sleeping bed should be replaced, even a memory foam mattress, every ten years.


Dormia, also know as Classic Brands, has been in business since 1991. They have an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau. With the warranty they provide on their beds, they really stand behind their product and it shows.

Compared to the other beds seen on Amazon and other online retailers, this bed did not have a lot of reviews compared to Zinus beds.  One of the things that caught our attention with this mattress was the content of information in the reviews that we did find.  Nearly all were detailed and highly positive.  The other versions of this bed, such as the 12 inch thick mattress, is supposedly a little softer than the 14 inch, and has excellent reviews online as well.

My wife and I like all of our memory foam beds, but this one is our favorite, and it’s great for any sleep position.

Where To Buy

You can get this particular bed here.

Thanks for reading my Classics Brands memory foam mattress review.  Please feel free to ask any questions you may have on this bed or memory foam mattresses in general in the comments below.

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TD Bauer

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