How Long Do Memory Foam Mattresses Last?

How long do memory foam mattresses last?

How long do memory foam mattresses last?

One question I tend to get the most is people wondering how long memory foam mattresses last.  It’s a pretty common thought in people’s heads when looking to buy a new higher priced item that is going to get lots of use, like a bed does.

My wife and I still own our very first memory foam bed that we purchased over ten years ago.  We stopped using it on a regular basis almost one year ago, and moved it into our guest bedroom.  But is that typical?  Do people normally hang onto beds, a memory foam mattress, that long?

Let’s take a look at some industry information!

How Long Do Memory Foam Mattresses Last – Warranties

Average life expectancy of a quality memory foam mattress by people in the industry is typically ten to fifteen years.  This is do to the fact that modern day memory foam is very durable.  However, many of the so called experts in the sleep industry suggest that you buy a new mattress every seven years to maintain what is called an optimum sleep environment.

To be honest with you I have been seeing that same ‘seven year’ recommendation for a while now.  I am not sure how current it really is.  Most manufacturers of memory foam mattresses provide a minimum ten year warranty, and many are now offering twenty to twenty-five year warranties.

Most of those companies that offer twenty year plus warranties only do so as a partial limited warranties after the first ten years.  So if many quality companies out there are offering detailed warranties for ten to fifteen years, it is in my mind reasonable to expect that they believe their beds will hold up at least that long.

Of course that also means that you need to maintain your bed!  My wife and I rotate our beds one hundred eighty degrees about three times a year.  Some manufactures tell you that is not required, some do.

Caring For Your Memory Foam Mattress

As mentioned above, memory foam beds are one of the most durable mattresses you can buy because of the properties of the foam that they are manufactured from.

Typically these types of beds are non-turn mattresses, though it does help to rotate your memory foam mattress a couple times a year to even out any slight depressions caused by your body when laying on it.

If you take care of your new memory foam bed it will last a very long time.  Make sure you have a supportive base underneath it.  If you are wondering what that is or need to buy a base, then check out my mattress foundation reviews here.  Foundations are pretty inexpensive in the grans scheme of things.

You also want to make sure you don’t risk drinking and spilling liquids on your bed.  Getting liquids soaked into memory foam is not good for the foam.  If you like to drink in bed, you may want to think about getting a waterproof mattress protector.

My wife and I even vacuum our mattress on a low setting a couple times a year, usually when we rotate it.


How Long Do Memory Foam Mattresses Last – Conclusion

If you take care of your memory foam mattress, and you buy one that has a ten year warranty, there is no reason why it shouldn’t last you at least ten to fifteen years.

Manufacturers are good at nailing down their set warranty duration, and as such that is a pretty good indicator on what kind of lifespan you can expect to get out of your new bed.

You don’t need to spend thousands to get a quality memory foam mattress.  I review and recommend memory foam beds that I have owned, and still own.  For more information on my favorite foam mattress, check out my Zinus Memory Foam Mattress review here.

If you are looking for more information on memory foam beds in general, I have written an informational post that details a lot of useful information on what makes a memory foam bed better than spring loaded mattresses here.


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