Make Your Pillows Last Longer

How to make your pillows last longer?

How to make your pillows last longer?

Soft or firm?  That may be the question that you may ask yourself when you decide or find that you need a new pillow.  But the real question should be ‘how to make your pillows last longer’?

Some people may become so attached to their pillow they may even name it, because it is the most comfy, cozy item on their bed.  Some people may take it across the country or even out of the country because it is the only thing that helps them sleep.

Whatever your relationship may be with your pillow, there may come a day when you have to say a sad good-bye to “Charlie” the pillow.  It doesn’t matter that Charlie has been in your life since you went away to college.  You’re married now and your spouse is grossed out by the way Charlie attracts flies.

When To Buy A New Pillow?

So how does someone know when to replace their pillow?  Could it be because your pillow has gotten misshaped?  Could it be that it has lost its ‘poof’ and gone flat.  Or maybe you discovered the scariest, nastiest, most disgusting thing that could happen to a pillow; that it is covered in drool stains!  Those nasty brown spots found hidden under your pillowcase, eeww… and along with the spots may come a gross scent from the natural oils left behind from your hair, not to mention the shadow of your head left behind from sweating… Gross…

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If any of those descriptions sound familiar then it’s time to replace your pillow.  The life expectancy of a pillow is short and most suggest it should be replaced every 2 years, despite whatever warranty that comes with it.  That may seem like it is a short time to have a pillow, but that number can be extended by an extra year or possibly more by maintaining your pillow.  Every new pillow comes with care instructions and washing your pillow regularly will help with the life expectancy of your pillow.

Make Your Pillows Last Longer

Pillow liners and routine washing can make pillows last longer.

Pillow liners and routine washing can make pillows last longer.

Here are a couple of ways to help stretch the life of by your pillow.

Washing regularly, just tossing it in your washing machine or running it to your local laundromat.  If you don’t feel confident that your washing machine may handle your pillow or pillows, they may be sent to the cleaners to be cleaned.

Another good idea is to purchase a pillow liner.  A pillow liner comes made a with a rubber or plastic type lining on the inside of the pillow liner to help protect the pillow from those nasty Drool marks.  Pillow liners not only protect the pillow from nasty drool marks, but it keeps your pillow protected from dust mites, dead skin,and natural oils.

Using a pillow liner is one of the best ways to protect your pillow. So it is best to obtain these when you first go out to purchase pillows. The care for pillow liners are no different from standard style pillowcases, they may be tossed into the washing machine with all of your other linens.

So when you go out to purchase new bedding, keep in mind the life expectancy of your pillow, and how you can prolong its life, so that you don’t have to spend a fortune every 2 years.

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