Interesting Mattress Facts That May Or May Not Matter

When you spend a lot of time doing mattress research you come across a great many bits and pieces of information. Some is interesting, some not so much. Certain things you want to pass along in a review, other things don’t really matter.  So in this short but sweet article I am going to share a few mattress facts.

Mattress Facts, number one is icky to think about.

Mattress Facts, number one is icky to think about.

Mattress Facts:  Dumb & Not So Dumb

  • Dust Mites:  Yeah, it’s nasty to think about, but the older a mattress gets the more it becomes home to dust mites.  Thousands and millions and billions of microscopic dust mites.  They feed on dead skin.  While they don’t bite or post serious health risks, they do exacerbate asthma and allergy symptoms.  Memory foam mattresses are more resistant to dust mites.  You can also buy allergy resistant mattress and pillow coverings to help reduce their numbers, and of course wash you bedding once a week.
  • The Most Type Of Purchased Mattresses Is Also The most Disliked:  Innerspring mattresses are still outselling memory foam mattress beds.  Why and how is a mystery to me.  The benefits of memory foam beds outshine innerspring mattresses three to one, but people still buy more of them.  Well, they are the most disliked beds by comparison.  Sorta funny when you think about it.
  • People Who Sleep With Their Pets Get More Sleep Hours, But Less Quality Sleep:  A study by the National Sleep Foundation shows that people who allow their pets to sleep in bed with them actually sleep more hours, but have worse quality sleep.  The study shows that people with pets in their bed wake up or don’t sleep as deeply as people who have pets but don’t let them sleep with them.  It’s all about the quality of the sleep you get.  More is not always better, if it’s not restful sleep.
  • Home Invaders Love Searching Mattresses:  Here is one of the more interesting mattress facts.  Nine out of ten home invaders that were caught and interviewed said they always search the mattresses in the house, as that is where more people tend to hide things.  Either in the mattress itself, under the bed, or between the bed and the box springs.  If you are a person who hides valuables in your bed, time to get that security system or at least move your valuables to your underwear drawer, which the second place thieves like to look when in your bedroom.
  • All Mattress Must Be Flame Proof:  As of 2007 it has been a Federal Law that beds must meet certain flammability guidelines or they cannon be sold within the United States.  While smoking has been on the decline, this law was passed in part because people were falling asleep in bed and catching their mattress and the rest of their home on fire.


You will have to be the judge whether or not these mattress facts were interesting and worth reading.  I have come across many more, and will probably share more in the future.

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