Memory Foam Pillows

Just like with memory foam beds, memory foam pillows have been getting a lot of notice over the past several years.  You’ve likely seen those ‘My Pillow’ commercials on TV.  The My Pillow is a type of memory foam pillow, and has become quite popular.  My mother gave several of them away as presents a few years ago.  People really seemed to like them.

Getting a good night's sleep requires a mattress and pillow that compliment each other.

Getting a good night’s sleep requires a mattress and pillow that compliment each other.

Memory Foam Pillows – two types

Memory foam pillows are made of polyurethane or latex.  Additional chemicals and even plant based materials (such as bamboo) are used to create a variety of densities in the pillows.  Just like with memory foam mattresses, the pillows also have some offgassing that takes place when you first unpack them.  The odors produced from this offgassing can last a few days, but usually not much longer.  When my wife and I bought ours, we let them sit and air out for three to four days before using them.

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  • One-Piece Foam Pillows:  Just as the name implies, these pillows are formed of a single piece of foam.  They maintain a particular shape and conform to your head and neck when you lay on it.  When not using it the pillow will go back to its original shape.
A common shape for one-piece memory foam pillows.

A common shape for one-piece memory foam pillows.

  • Shredded Foam Pillows:  Again as the name implies, these pillows are made from shredded pieces of memory foam.  They can be formed and shaped by the user, and retain the shape well throughout the evening when asleep.
A shredded foam memory pillow.

A shredded memory foam pillow.

Just like with memory foam mattresses, foam pillows are also heat sensitive and work to conform to your body’s needs.  They cushion and support as needed, and come in various densities according to individual needs.  Some of the newer foams being manufactured have gels in them that are supposed to breath and be cooler to sleep on.  If you are a person that gets warm when sleeping, you may want to look further into gel one-piece pillow or a shredded foam pillow.

Differences Between One-Piece and Shredded

If you are looking to buy a new pillow and are considering a memory foam pillow, it’s always a good idea to read up on the differences between the two styles.  There is a good chance that in reading the bullet point information below you will quickly determine what type of pillow is for you.

  • Durability: Expect a three to five year life span from either type.  Some manufactures have warranties as far out as ten years.  But I am not sure who would keep a pillow that long to begin with.  Shredded pillows tend to last longer as they can be re-fluffed.
  • Conforming: Both types of foam pillows conform to the head and neck better than traditional pillows.  Shredded style pillows can be fluffed but tend to loose their form slightly through the night.  One-piece pillows hold their form during use.
  • Support: Owners of both types of memory foam pillows like them equally over traditional pillows, saying they support their heads better when sleeping.
  • Moldable: Only the shredded foam pillow can be molded into a shape or form for different comfort and support as needed.  The one-piece pillow retains its manufactured shape.
  • Content shifting: The shredded memory foam pillow’s contents will shift during use.  The one-piece will not.
  • Heat: Seven percent of one-piece foam pillow users claim their pillows feel warmer compared to other pillows.  Newer gel foam one-piece pillows seem to mitigate heat better.  While shredded pillows tend not to have heat issues as air can pass more freely between the shredded foam pieces.
  • Cleaning: One-piece memory foam pillows can usually only be spot cleaned which is time consuming.  Shredded foam pillows can often be machine washed for easy care and cleaning.  Air drying a shredded foam pillow can revitalize and fluff the foam.
  • Maintenance: Shredded pillows require fluffing and forming before use.  Solid one-piece pillows do not.
  • Allergies: Both types of pillows are hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.  Great news for allergy sufferers.


A solid one-piece memory foam pillow has different sized contours to best accommodate desired head and neck angle when sleeping.

A solid one-piece memory foam pillow has different sized contours to best accommodate desired head and neck angle when sleeping.

Should I buy one or not?

Pillow likes and dislikes can vary from person to person.  There are lots of pillows out on the market.  Usually the defining factor for most people is the firmness of the pillow they prefer to use.  Some like soft pillows, like what you would get in a feather pillow.  Others like something with a lot of form that keeps the head elevated.  Whatever your preferred amount of firmness you like cradling your head, you will be able to find that in a memory foam pillow.

It seems the push these days is leaning towards the shredded style pillow.  People can mold and fluff such pillows into their desired shape for sleeping.  They are easy to care for with simple machine washing.  They tend to last three to five years.  Many manufacturers offer descent product warranties on them.  And they are more resilient to dust mite and mold.

Of course they come in all shapes and sizes and are great for side, stomach, and back sleepers.  It is hard to go wrong with new shredded memory foam pillows.

Picture showing the various parts of Coop Home Goods Premium memory foam Pillows.

Picture showing the various parts of Coop Home Goods Premium Memory Foam Pillows.

My wife and I have “My pillows” that we use at our cottage.  While at home we both have Coop Home Goods pillows.  Both pillows are comparable.  Both are shredded styles and need to be formed a bit prior to sleep.  My wife and I both prefer the shredded pillow over the one-piece.  We can mold the pillows as we desire and they are supper easy to clean.

The big difference between the two manufacturers is that the Coop Home Goods pillows seem to retain their form better through the night than the My Pillow.  Its not an issue that wakes us up out of a nice slumber, but if I do wake up for some reason in the middle of the night I find that I tend to fluff up the My Pillow before rolling over and trying to go back to sleep.  I don’t seem to do that with the Coop pillow.  My wife has also commented as such.

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If there is one type of pillow that has the best consumer feedback over the past few years it is certainly memory foam pillows.  It goes hand in hand with memory foam mattresses.  People want to go to sleep and sleep well.  They want to get the best possible rest they can because they know it makes a difference during the day.

I am a true believer in making the change from spring mattresses and traditional pillows over to memory foam.  It has changed the way my wife and I sleep.  It has made a definite improvement in our lives.

I wold love to hear any input on the pillows you use to sleep, as well as any insights you may have.  Please feel free to comment and share this post on your social media.

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