Plants That Help You Sleep

Plants that help you sleep; English Ivy.

Plants that help you sleep; English Ivy.

There are a variety of plants that help you sleep.  Just having them in your room can help ensue better sleep.  Some plants can be used to make drinks, such as teas, that are calming and help you fall into quicker slumber.

Here at Cloud Sleeping we are all about getting a good night’s sleep.  We love our memory foam mattress, but we also know that the surrounding atmosphere in your bedroom can also play a part in getting quality rest.  In this article we will explore a few of those plants and what benefits they provide.

Plants That Help You Sleep

The night is calm the air is slightly cool… the bed is welcoming… the room is the perfect atmosphere to fall asleep…

You close your eyes.  You begin to breath slow long deep breaths.  Slowly you drift off to sleep, or so you thought, because suddenly you toss and turn.  Before you realize it it’s 1:00AM and you have to wake up at 5:00 to catch an early flight.  Some people reach for the sleep aides while others go for a good book or perhaps for some relaxing nature sounds.  All of which are great choices, but what you may not know is that their are a few items that people are not aware of that also help set the mood in a bedroom to a peaceful sleep.


Some specific houseplants have healthy benefits to help you ease into sleep and create a peaceful atmosphere.

These plants can be found at your local nursery , floral store or the may also be found at your local grocery store with a floral stand.  Whatever your shopping choice may be, one of the locations will have at least one or two plants to choose from.

Lavender plants can help you get a better night's sleep.

Lavender plants can help you get a better night’s sleep.

Here is a list of a few houseplants that you may be familiar with but never realized their benefits – aside from making your home look nice!

Lavender:  Reduces stress, eases blood pressure as you sleep, and decreases rapid eye movement (REM).  To smell Lavender before bed can increase slow wave sleep which slows the heart rate and relaxes the muscles.

English Ivy:  Not only was it a great 80s decor trend but it’s known to help improve asthma and allergy symptoms, and has the power to clean the air.

Chamomile:  Has been used since ancient times to treat insomnia when consumed in tea.

Rose Hip:  The scent induces relaxation and sleepiness and when consumed as tea you wake with less stiffness.

Jasmine:  Helps reduce anxiety levels.

Bamboo Palm Plant:  Great Air Purifier, aides in removing two chemicals Trichloroethylene and Benzene which are known to cause respiratory problems.

There are many more variety type plants with many benefits and reasons to over run your bedroom or your home, that can give a more natural air quality of life.

Check out your local nursery and help yourself and your family to a better quality of air in your home the natural way.  It really doesn’t get any better than nature.

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