Get A Good Night’s Sleep – 6 Sleep Tips

There are various ways to get a good night’s sleep.  Finding one that works best for you might be a process of trial and error.  What works for one person may not necessarily work for another.  Here are six sleep tips that may put you into a restful and peaceful mood.

Sleep Tips – Get A Good Night’s Sleep

1.  Create a comfortable and beautiful space to rest. Which means finding a bed with comfortable mattress, and the proper bedding to go with it.  This may seem trivial, but a bed that is visually appealing has been found in studies to help induce a sleeping mindset.  Looking for a new affordable mattress, check out my Zinus Memory Foam Mattress review.

2.  When shopping for bedding make sure not to skimp on the thread count.  Thread count is important when purchasing a comfortable sheet set.  The higher the thread count the softer the sheets will feel on your skin.  Lower thread count like 100-150 tend to feel scratchy and not as soft.  A 400-500 or higher thread count is much softer and feels luxurious on your skin.  For an even softer feel, Egyptian cotton would be my choice.  There are other types, such as Satin, Damask and a few others.

3.  When your head hits the pillow and you can’t get comfortable and lay tossing and turning.  Or when you finally do get to sleep you wake with a pain in your neck.  Make sure to get a pillow that will give you proper support to your neck and shoulders.  Many people like feather pillows, some prefer the Contour pillow, and some like an Extra Firm pillow.  I personally like a good memory foam pillow.  Despite all the preferences, the pillows that tend to work best are those that support your head and neck in the correct position for optimal sleep.  If you get lots of neck pains and aches, it’s a good bet you are not using a pillow that offers good support.  Having good support of your head is one of the top most sleep tips suggested by experts.

One of the most important sleep tips; have a good pillow to support your head and neck.

One of the most important sleep tips; have a good pillow to support your head and neck.

5. An aromatic atmosphere may help you to relax and fall asleep.  Placing candles or potpourri in various areas of the bedroom may be pleasant to the senses to help sooth and relax you after a loud chaotic day.  Many boutiques are filled with various pleasant candles and oils to choose from.  However, keep in mind you don’t want to choose anything that is strong and bold with a strong perfume smell that leaves a thick coat of yuck on your tongue as you breath.  Choose light pleasant scents like Lavender or Cedarwood.  Lavender is the most popular scent to help relax you, and lavender oils can be found in the natural section of your local grocery store or a local organic store.  Lavender oil drops can be placed on your pillow to help sooth you while you drift off into a peaceful nights sleep.

6. Getting a peaceful nights sleep sometimes can be a challenge when there is too much background noise.  Street noise or perhaps neighbors talking loudly next door, or any number of things may make it hard to sleep.  Our bodies are trying to relax and unwind but the sound of the neighbors chatting is disturbing.  It may be helpful to listen to white noise.  White noise is a soft lulling sound that tends to blend with the pulse of your heart or the rhythm of your breathing.  In today’s techie world you can find apps that contain various relaxing sounds.  The sounds of nature, rain, thunder, or perhaps musical sounds of harps or flutes are very popular.  Many people enjoy just the sound of a box fan in the corner of the room circulating the air and keeping you cool at the same time.  White noise is another of the most prescribed sleep tips by sleep experts.


There are a variety of sleep tips out there to read about.  We’ll likely be posting more here in the future.  We would love to hear if you have any tips for getting to sleep.  If you have something that works please share in the comments below.

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